Untitled #3

Everybody wants to pontificate
Eyes rolling
I mean like gawd
Everybody wants to pontificate
Perpetrate some sort of fraud
Speculate on another’s character
In retort, the witty

(unpredictable shots is critical to analytical analogy)

work to create the very best in social media posts, flanked with hashtags
saved in eternity.

Can’t you see this is spiritual?!
breath ragged
in my mind I have started revolutions.
I just can’t seem to stick with the cause
it burdens my brain
when I just wanna be



Jill Scott.

Whew. That’s a lot of soul. A lot of talent. A lot of me.

Yep. Jill Scott is my spirit animal if she were actually an animal. Lol. I have often said that maybe I was Jill Scott in a former life but yeah, that doesn’t quite work either.

How about how Jill and I are connected and she doesn’t even know it?

Everyone has their favorite musical acts, artists, emcees etc. But this love I have. Its different.

Its on some ‘Stan’ type shit.

It’s how whenever she releases new music, I cry. Literally. Every. Single. Time. Not only because its exactly what I need or want in my soul music, but that she’s on time. MY time. Which obviously happens to be her time as well. Does that sound cliche and somewhat lame for a 35 year old woman?

Tears of joy, tears of pain, shame, celebrations and really just making it and loving yourself and those around you along the way…


This new album “Woman” (Available on Amazon-please PURCHASE your music if you love the artist) is made for me…but then again I said that about “Who is Jill Scott?” and every other album after that one….

She expresses that she finally feels as though she has become a woman.

Like for REAL.

Always somebody’s homegirl. Always feeling like a little girl in some regard. I feel her. She’s getting her body alkalined, digging in the dirt, raising her sun, eating well, loving herself and all the love around her. Apologizing for past mistakes. I can relate. Again. Timing. I feel as though I have just grown up really.

Yet and still, I feel young. Immature at times. Your homeboy’s homegirl. I love myself. I want to be a grown woman. There IS balance. That pendulum swing is authentic.

I feel beautiful




occasionally remorseful




when I hear Jill’s words…they float from my ears to the core of my soul where they exclaim that they have met me before and knew they would find me here.